Students Have FREE Access to Hunter Mountain Film Festival

The 2020 International Hunter Mountain Film Festival runs from Oct. 23 to 25, and New Paltz DMJ students can get free access to all their program offerings.

To get free access to their content, visit and click on the “$5 to order now link.” Enter the code HMFF2020 to gain immediate FREE access to all of their content. (Please do not share this code, it is only for SUNY New Paltz DMJ and COMM students.)
If you’re interested in this festival, consider submitting a project for it next year — they’re hoping to get more students involved.
Here’s their Instagram accounts if you’d like to give them a follow: @rollthecredits_podcast and @huntermtnfilmfest as well.

Info Session for Campus Ambassador Program

The FUTURE NOW Media Foundation is hosting an information session for their FUTURE NOW Campus Ambassador Program.

This info session will be held on Thursday, Oct. 15 from 6 to 6:45 p.m. and will include all the information you might need to decide if this program is for you. Click here for the Zoom link for that session.

FUTURE NOW Campus Ambassadors will receive the following benefits:

  • Free access to the 2021 FUTURE NOW Media & Entertainment Conference (May 26-28)
  • Special recognition and call outs at the conference
  • Official certificate as a FUTURE NOW Campus Ambassador
  • Exclusive access to a group mentoring session with the founder & president
  • Opportunity to win a special prize and be honored as a top recruiter on campus