Business Development Intern Needed for Digital Marketing Agency

Attention Media Management and Journalism Majors:

Hale Advisors, a digital marketing agency based in Kingston, NY, is seeking a part-time intern to work 10-15 hours per week, remotely with an occasional meeting in our Kingston office. Qualified candidates should send cover letter and resume to Marie Hull at The position pays $15 per hour.

Business Development Intern Needed for Digital Marketing Agency in Kingston, NY


Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Excellent research skills
Excellent attention to detail
Curiosity; eagerness to learn

Job duties 

Workstreams / Activities:

Workstreams / Activities:

  1. Onboarding
  • To understand goals, workstreams, systems/tools


  1. Lead Generation (unqualified targets)
  • Add relevant contacts from published conference speaker lists, including Veeva US Summit ‘23, Reuters Pharma ’23, DigiPharma Connect ’23, Promotional Review conferences, including DIA, RAPS Convergence, one other
  • Use Internet and Sales Navigator to:
  • Evaluate and qualify business development target companies against a set of criteria – add qualified targets to
  • Identify individual lead names at qualified target companies based on a set of title keywords – save in Sales Navigator
  • Monitor industry trade press—MM&M, FiercePharma—for relevant news and content that may identify new targets or help engage leads


  1. Lead Cultivation
  • Prepare primers/backgrounders on prospects for meetings (ad hoc)
  • Develop and send 3-step email marketing campaign to leads


  1. Marketing*
  • Follow all target companies from Hale Advisors’ LinkedIn page
  • Invite current and former clients to follow Hale Advisors on LinkedIn
  • Follow back those who follow
  • Support initiatives in marketing plan; may include things such as:
  • Developing farming toolkit (governance, change management, training, medical affairs)
  • Partnering w/ creative to create and “distribute” short video content
  • Writing case studies (prose + slides)
  • Updating Hale website:



  1. Other duties as assigned
  • Fix contacts’ country codes (add +1 to US phone #s)
  • Opportunistic, TBD