An Insightful Career Q&A With Seasoned Digital Editor at MM+M, Jack O’Brien+ an Internship Opportunity!

Jack O’Brien is a SUNY New Paltz Journalism alumnus who conveys his talent for the written word by digitally editing publications for a pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing firm in New York City named MM+M.

Jack O'Brien. Digital editor for MM+M.

In addition, O’Brien has been published in the Washington Examiner, the Altamont Enterprise, the Albany County Post, New Hampshire Journal, the Williston Times, Red Alert Politics, the Legislative Gazette, the New Paltz Oracle and the Little Rebellion.

O’Brien joined Nancy Heiz of the Digital Media and Journalism and Communication departments to answer undergraduate students’ questions on topics in the journalism, communication and digital media field.

O’Brien answered a few questions initiated by students.

Question: What would you say is the best way to prepare for post-grad employment? 

O’Brien: Updating your resume…I always keep my resume updated because I never know when that opportunity is out there, and you want to be able to say here are my clips and here’s what I’ve done… (if not on the Oracle) I would be trying to get freelance work. They’re (employers) like oh, you had this GPA and took these classes, and they want to see what you’ve wrote and where it got published and what it looked like when it got published, too.

Question: Are there other things that would have helped you had you known them upon leaving New Paltz?

O’Brien: …Always being prepared for things that you’re not, you know-that you don’t know about, or maybe aren’t fully comfortable with and being able to somehow work that into how you do things… If you’re in the trade publications, you’re going to deal with sales and commercial and all that…you just have to be prepared for the ups and downs.

Question: What is a digital editor and what does one do?

O’Brien: As a digital editor I write every day. I write and report. My focus is primarily on Health & Media but we cover the pharma & biotech industries. Any sort of news there, I’m writing, reporting and talking with sources and conducting interviews. In my role as an editor, I edit two of our other reporters. (I am) Primarily focused on the clinical trials phase and medical results and want to focus on health policy and social media trends.

Question: So MM+M publishes periodically but you have daily deadlines. Can you explain how you balance those?

O’Brien: When we have the digital publication we’re not waiting to go to print on a certain date. We have to publish within 30 to 40 minutes. Being able to turn around that stuff very quickly. Having clean copy. Knowing the right people to talk too. Knowing where to source information. It’s a whole different animal.

Question: How did you learn about healthcare?

O’Brien: “Be very humble and have humility when you go into (any career field) because there’s a sense when people are talking things you don’t understand to say they are smarter than me or it’s intimidating but that’s how you learn. I wouldn’t know the things I know about health care and where I’ve specialized in my reporting without having a lot of other smarter people explain it to me.

In addition to offering insight accumulated over six years in the editing/publishing field, O’Brien ended the Q&A with a special opportunity for diligent students.

O’Brien: “We also just opened up today our internship opportunity at Haymarket Media with MM+M and our two sister publications, PR Week and Campaign US. They are paid internships in Manhattan They go from June 9th to August 10th. If you end up applying, please drop me a note because I’m a homer till I die so I will always advocate for any Hawks to apply.


Digital Marketing Intern & Jazz in the Valley Festival Production Interns Needed in Kingston this Summer!!

Are you interested in production?

Join TRANSARTs’ team as their Jazz in the Valley festival production intern. Transart is a not-for-profit arts organization located in Kingston, New York. Transarts’ hopes to promote musical, fine arts, and cultural exhibition growth.

As a Jazz in the Valley festival production intern, you will learn about festival programming, PR, marketing, event logistics and fundraising.

Qualifications include having strong written & oral communication skills, have some graphic design experience, have knowledge of Photoshop and other design software, proficiency in Microsoft Excel, proficient with Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and X. Ability to work remotely.

This internship has strong ties with marketing, business analytics, management, digital media production/programming, music, black studies, and English/journalism majors and minors. This internship is unpaid however students may be able to earn academic credit. This internship is a part-time position. Access to transportation is required. This internship is largely remote. The festival is in Poughkeepsie.


To apply, send your cover letter, resume and writing sample to INFO@TRANSARTINC.ORG

Are you interested in digital marketing?

Join TRANSARTs’ team as a digital marketing & communications intern. As a digital marketing & communications intern your responsibilities include planning and executing strategic marketing campaigns. Designing, building and maintaining TRANSART’s social media presence. Creating content for social media accounts, promotional emails and other marketing collateral. Creating and monitoring a targeted monthly newsletter. Tracking and reporting digital and website analytics.

An ideal candidate is a creative, industrious student who has experience and training in digital marketing, graphic design and content writing.

Qualifications include proficiency with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X, and other social media platforms. Familiarity with CRM software. Experience with Adobe creative suite or other design software. Experience with Hootsuite or other social media management tools. Strong written and oral communication skills. An interest in the art, history and popular culture of and about people of color.

Hours are part-time. This internship is unpaid however students may be able to gain academic credit. The start date is immediately. Access to transportation is required. This position is both in TRANSARTs’ Kingston location and remotely.

To apply, send your cover letter, resume and writing sample to INFO@TRANSARTINC.ORG

Paid Summer Internship Opportunity in Woodstock, NY for Maverick Concerts. Seeking Social Media & Events Intern.

Maverick Concerts is seeking an individual to join a team of highly motivated people as a Social Media and Events Intern. Below are details on job description, hours, wage inclusion, etcetera.

Maverick Concerts is the oldest continuous summer chamber music festival in America. From June to September, Sunday Chamber music concerts are in full swing. Performances include renowned soloists and ensembles.

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March 19 Documentary Film Screening: “Just Eat It,” An Entertaining Look at Food Waste

Are you interested in composting and waste reduction?

If so- or if curious, come enjoy JUST EAT It- A Food Waste Story, a film that will leave you more aware of the nourishment you discard. You will learn the effects what thousands of people with similar food habits as you are doing to our planet. Below are some answers to common questions.

When will the film be shown? 

Tuesday, March 19th, 2024. 3:30 P.M. start time.

 Does any event follow?

This film is approximately an hour long.

However-an introduction to UCRRA services as well as a Q&A session with UCRRA’s Recycling Educator, Tanesia White will follow. Please stay with us for all.

QR Code for the Film Screening RegistrationPoster for the Just Eat It film screening

Where will the film be shown?

CSB (Coykendall Science Building)

Auditorium, SUNY New Paltz, NY.

*Across the hall from the planetarium.

Do I need money to watch this film?

No fee is required to view this film.

Who is running this event?

This event is a collaboration between the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency and Brett Barry, SUNY New Paltz professor.

For further inquiry-feel free to reach out to

This film is approximately an hour long. However-an introduction to UCRRA services as well as a Q&A session with UCRRA’s Recycling Educator, Tanesia White will follow. Please stay with us for all.

Included in the barcode is more information. How to get to the event (directions), accessibility and a trailer for the film are included.

We hope to see you there!