Busting Internship Myths

Myth 1: You Register For an Internship When You Register For Classes

Reality 1: Internship Registration is Separate From Time Assignments.

Internship registration isn’t due until the first day of the semester you intern. If you plan to intern in Spring ‘24 internship registration isn’t due until January 22

Myth 2: Internship Sections Fill Up

Reality 2: Students Are Given Permission to Register For Internship Credits Once They Get A Placement Approved

Internships don’t actually fill up the way classes do. The College sets internships as “FULL” to compel students to get their internships approved and be granted permission to register. Once you have found an internship, you must get it approved by Nancy Heiz; once you do so you will be given permission to register for the internship credits. NOTE: If you need to register for enough credits to be considered full time, you can register for a placeholder class then drop it after you register for your internship credits.

Myth 3: You May Complete an Internship and Then Get it Approved

Reality 3: Internships Must be Approved in Advance

We do not grant retroactive credits!!! This means you must be certified eligible, get your internship approved, then register for credits, before you can start/finish your internship. Internship hours must be worked during the semester for which you are registered, meaning you cannot start an internship before the semester begins. This may seem daunting at first but if you take it one step at a time it really isn’t too strenuous. Make sure to follow the steps on our blog and Instagram for  getting approved for and finding an internship placement. You can find these steps under the “Advising” tab on our blog and on our Instagram.

Some Helpful Advice

  • Take the process one step at a time! If you look at the big picture it may be too overwhelming and you could overlook important steps.
  • Keep up to date with our Instagram and Blog → Both of these platforms share reminders that outline the process of being approved for eligibility, finding an internship, getting it approved, registering for and completing said internship!
  • USE YOUR CONGRATS EMAIL!!! All the steps you need to complete, plus a link to your registration permission form, are laid out there. Make sure to READ it and SAVE it, because there are VITAL resources there!
  • Don’t Stress! If you stay on top of the process and don’t delay your tasks, you will be fine. You will find and secure that internship and you will crush it! Don’t worry, just take a deep breath and complete one step at a time.

Understand the Timing of the Process

  • Eligibility, Placement, Registration
  • 1. Apply for eligibility by the mid-point of the semester PRIOR to your intended internship (November for Spring; April for Summer or Fall)
  • 2. Once eligibility is approved, look for placement. This can happen any time prior to the first day of the semester.
  • 3. Get placement approved by Nancy Heiz and request “registration permission” – the link is in the official eligibility notification (in your “congrats” email)