Xuewu Zheng

I titled this body of my work Meditation. The works, include two series, contain both printmaking and installation. I have been working on both series for about 30 years. I examine both history and the present in a very personal way and I integrate both philosophy and religion into my work. Through my artistic practice, I […]

Sariah Park

This body of work explores a decayed utopian wasteland. What an abandoned world might look like and what I leave behind – remnants and artifacts of a miscarried future. My thesis is primarily concerned with addressing issues of waste. I am asking the question – can printmaking and weaving be used as a tool to […]

Jessica McDonnell

The first time I plunged into the ocean and opened my eyes to the bustling world of the coral reef was unforgettable. Equally remarkable has been the effect humans have imposed there, from rising temperatures and acidity to plastic pollution. This series is an intimate look into this complex system. Each piece is a pause- […]