Kehan Wan (Yoky)

Dependent upon the internet for all aspects of daily life, we are unconsciously being controlled by data mining and have become desensitized to the security concerns of mass data collection. Through micro-installations and wearable works, I create tactile data bits and visualizations that draw attention to these complex issues. Delicate rows of tiny human figures […]

Stefan Gougherty

I create jewelry that is curious and interactive. Sampling content from trash to treasure, these playful objects are unpretentious and subversive. Exploring the surreal through engineering and illusion, these antics of adornment often contradict our expectations. In celebration of our collective progress, I leverage industrial materials and manufacturing processes to anchor the work firmly within the present. Attempting to articulate this strange new digital world, an aesthetic of randomness is explored through mashups of different realities. Staging collisions between vastly different references of time, scale and subject matter, an underlying unity can be found amongst the debris of shape and memory.

Jamie M. Scherzer

I search for balance between the contained systematic nature of form and its transition into unprincipled outcomes. By asserting boundaries and restrictions, I achieve a level of control while encouraging the unexpected. Through repetitive acts and iterative processes, I consider the properties of metal as a raw material. These inquiries result in jewelry, objects, and […]

Min Jae Eom

Everything around us has been touched, used, cracked, broken – evidence that reveals an object’s existence ​and experience. I create simple surfaces and forms that when carried on the body, slowly gather traces of the wearer. The marks that are collected through these time-based works are not simply scratches, dents and stains; rather, they become a witness, a […]