Jung Yun Choi

Multiverse and dreams are the main themes of my work. I am usually haunted by vivid memories that feel real after dreaming. I imagined the existence of my other selves in that other universe. I borrow the eyes of my other-selves in my dreams. In other words, dreams are a channel to connect me with […]

Rosa Loveszy

In nature there are many mechanisms invented by evolutionary processes to ensure the safety of an organism. As humans we do not have poisonous skin or a hard-outer shell and lack many other methods of self-preservation. Mimicking the defensive characteristics of other animals we can draw on the design that has evolved for thousands of […]

Maxine Leu

When Gnomes Need to Clean Their Homes is a nomadic installation that reminds people of the environmental problem of pollution caused by overconsumption and disregard for the environment. The mysterious litter-picking garden gnomes that I’ve created from repurposed materials pop-up randomly in public areas to clean up the streets and then they disappear. While each […]