Xuewu Zheng

I titled this body of my work Meditation. The works, include two series, contain both printmaking and installation. I have been working on both series for about 30 years. I examine both history and the present in a very personal way and I integrate both philosophy and religion into my work. Through my artistic practice, I bridge the language gap between the Eastern and Western cultures. I pay attention to the relationships between humans and nature, and how they are shaped by modern civilization. Meditation is both the content and the state of my life, and my primary means of instigating this research.


Century Text, Installation Made By Newspaper, 2017
Meditation, Monotype, 21”x65”(Four)-2019
Meditation, Installation Made By Newspaper, 2019
Meditation, Installation Made By Handmade Paper, 2019
Installation and Silkscreen, 2019
Meditation, Installation Made By Handmade Bible Paper, 2020
Meditation, Installation Made by Newspaper and Bible 2019

More Printmaking Work