Stefan Gougherty

I create jewelry that is curious and interactive. Sampling content from trash to treasure, these playful objects are unpretentious and subversive. Exploring the surreal through engineering and illusion, these antics of adornment confound expectations. In celebration of our collective progress, I leverage industrial materials and manufacturing processes to anchor the work firmly within the present. Through mashups of contrasting realities and exploration of randomness, I articulate this strange new digital world. Staging collisions between vastly different references of time, scale and subject matter, an underlying unity can be found among the debris of shape and memory.

Bug Brooches, anodized titanium, 2019
Fuzzy Necklace, synthetic fibers, anodized titanium, 2020
Self Assembling Chain, sterling silver, 2019
Spyware, smartphone fragment, unknown gemstone, anodized niobium, stainless steel, 2020
Trompe L’oeil Augmented Reality, stainless steel, fluorescent paint, 2020
Growing Money, stretched 1997 quarter, anodized titanium, 2020
Party on a String, sterling silver, synthetic fiber, stainless steel, fluorescent paint, plastic, found emoji charm, euro fragment, 2020
Puka Shell Paper Clip Necklace, sterling silver hollow forms, 2018
Laughing Gas Necklace, recycled nitrous oxide canisters, 2019
Venus Charm Bracelet, sterling silver hollow forms, 2019

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