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Grading Structure:

  • 20 points: Participation

  • 25 points: Reading Sheets

  • 15 points: Research and Evaluation Midterm due March 16th

  • 15 points: “What’s Missing?” Presentation

  • 25 points: Feminist Art & Subculture Wikipedia Edits due May 11th

3 points Extra Credit: 24 Hour Zine-Making Challenge February 16-18



Points are based on Twitter activity in addition to in class participation. Remember to use the course hashtag #FemSub18 and to save all your tweet links in a document (“Twitter Activity Log) that you will hand in on the last day of class.

Reading Sheets

Students are required to submit 25 completed reading sheets over the semester. Each is worth 1 point. Upload to Turnitin on Blackboard and bring them to class! You will lose a point for each missing sheet (e.g. 17 completed sheets=17 points). A template is available here: Readings Sheets.

24 Hour Zine-Making Challenge

For extra credit, students will produce a zine on the topic of feminist art & subculture as part of the 24-hour challenge hosted by the library! More details here: 24-Hour Zine Challenge.

The challenge events are February 16th, 17th, and 18th:

  • Friday the 16th: get started on your zine, 5-9pm (zine-making workshop for the first hour, all materials provided) – STL Lobby
  • Saturday the 17th: drop off your finished zine, 3-5pm (we’ll be there to help with any final trouble shooting) -STL Lobby
  • Sunday the 18th at 7pm: zine reading — Lagusta’s Commissary (11 Church Street, New Paltz)

FB event –

sign-up –

Research and Evaluation Midterm

Students will research and evaluate the content on Wikipedia pages related to the course (groups, subcultures, artists, etc.). More details here: Research and Evaluation Midterm

“What’s Missing?” Presentation

Students will research a feminist art/ist or subculture not covered (or insufficiently covered) in the course and email professor for approval at least one week before presentation. More details here: “What’s Missing?”

Crew Wikipedia Page

We will edit Wikipedia pages related to feminist art and subculture. The goal is to produce quality online encyclopedia entries that will put what we’ve learned in the course into “practice” by making that information available and accessible to the public. The project was designed in part by the “Feminists Engage Wikipedia” project which encourages participants to share links to articles on Twitter and/or Facebook using the hash tag: #toofew. More Details here: Course Wikipedia

Reflection Essay

In a 3-page essay, students will reflect on the semester, their experience creating the final group project, and what kinds of responses they received from the project. Hand in a hard copy on the day of the final.

Final grade is calculated as follows:

(95-100) A
(90-94) A-
(87.6-89.9) B+
(82.5-87.5) B
(80-82.4) B-
(77.6-79.9) C+
(72.5-77.5) C
(70-72.4) C-
(67.6-69.9) D+
(62.5-67.5) D
(60-62.4) D-
(below 60) F

All grades will be posted in Blackboard.

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