“What’s Missing?”

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Are girls [queers, people of color, people with disabilities] really not present in youth subcultures? Or is it something in the way this kind of research is carried out that renders them invisible?

~Resistance Through Rituals, A. McRobbie and J. Garber

Students will give a 5 minute in-class presentation on the feminist art/ist or subculture they have chosen, being sure to address the following prompts:

  • Basic info: who, what, where, when and for subcultures: what makes it a subculture?
  • How you discovered the feminist art/ist or subculture and why you chose to present on it.
  • Why knowing about them/it matters to feminist movement and feminist thought? What can we learn from studying them/it?

Students are encouraged to use audiovisuals, but are reminded to keep to their time restraints.

There is a 2-page (double spaced, times new roman, 12 pt. font, works cited) essay version of your presentation due on the day of your presentation. The essay must use at least 1 reading from class to respond to the prompts. Upload a version to Turnitin.

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