Research and Evaluation Midterm

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Research and Evaluation (aka Annotated Bibliography) Midterm

15 points

due March 16th

Students will search Wikipedia for two pages relevant to the course (e.g. skateboarding and pachuco), evaluate if and how they need editing, and offer suggestions in an “annotated bibliography” format (we will go over this in class). Detailed requirements:

  • cover 2 Wikipedia pages
  • write 200 words summarizing the current state of each page
  • list (at least) 3 (no more than 5)  resources
  • for each resource, write 200-250 words offering ways to improve the pages with concrete suggestions not vague requests:
    • YES: “illustrate the article with an image of a modern day pachuca found on the Museum of the City website’s La Pachuca: Mexican subculture in 1940’s L.A. Exhibit By: Maria Rios”.”
    • NO: “add photos”
    • YES: “including a section on all-girl skatecrews like Few & Far would provide a more realistic, inclusive picture of skateboarding subculture in the U.S.”
    • NO: “include women”

Your pages will looks something like this (include header and page numbers!):



14.5 is approximately 96 (A)
13.5-14 is approximately 90 (A-)

An excellent range of substantive sources that work well together to illuminate a topic in compelling ways. The annotations are well written and illustrate an insightful and nuanced understanding of the relevant issues, ideas and concepts considered. The summary comment demonstrates a sophisticated and thoughtful treatment of the ideas presented and their implications.  The difference between one end of the scale and the other suggests that at the higher end, all aspects of the assignment were exemplary and represent truly outstanding research, writing and analysis. At the other end, it indicates that while overall the paper was excellent, at least one area (rigor of research; intellectual insights; writing style; clarity) could have been strengthened.

13 is approximately 86 (B+)
12.5 is approximately 83 (B)
12 is approximately 80 (B-)

A good range of substantive sources that work together to construct a solid research foundation for a topic.  Overall the annotations demonstrate a clear understanding of the issues involved.  The summary is well written and does a good job bringing different aspects of the research together. This assignment may have benefited from one or more of the following: a more rigorous selection of academic articles; greater clarity or insight in presenting the relevant issues; more thoughtful analysis or intellectual creativity in examining the implications of the arguments presented; greater attention to grammar, punctuation and proofreading.

11.5 is approximately 76 (C+)
11 is approximately 73 (C)
10.5 is approximately 70 (C-)

The assignment has an identifiable topic that is relevant to the themes of the class and demonstrates evidence of research. This assignment would have benefited from one or more of the following: a more rigorous selection of academic sources; more thoughtful annotations or annotations that were more clearly written; greater analysis or thought in terms of understanding the implications; a more original or less predictable approach to the topic; considerably greater attention to writing, grammar and proofreading.

10 is approximately 66 (D)
9.5 is approximately 63 (D)
9 is approximately 60 (D-)

The assignment does not evidence meaningful research or consideration of the issues.  This assignment is lacking in several significant areas including: quality of research; clarity of annotations; grammar and proofreading; analysis of legal issues and implications.

F (anything under 9)

The minimum requirements of the assignment were not met.

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