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Are girls really not present in youth subcultures?

Or is it something in the way this kind of research is carried out that renders them invisible?

                                                                            ~Resistance Through Rituals, A. McRobbie and J. Garber

Feminist Art and Subculture

A survey of major aesthetic and political feminist subcultures, throughout the Americas, from the World War II era to present day.

Our class meets on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:30-10:45AM in Old Main room 234.

Readings are provided as PDFs and posted here; you will receive the password in class.

In this course we will be discussing topics that are serious and hilarious, joyful and painful, personal and political, so our class has some ground rules for engagement:

  • Do your work.

  • Be present.

  • Be critical not cruel, generative not combative.

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