New Application is Open– We are now accepting applications for internship eligibility!

The new internship eligibility application is easier and better than ever before! First, before you apply, make sure you are qualified to apply for eligibility. Here is the check list:

  • 60+ total credits
  • 30+ credits at New Paltz (1 year residency)
  • 18+ credits in the major
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA

Once you are qualified you can begin the application. Remember, this application is a one-time deal, which means once you are approved you can intern any semester thereafter (as long as your GPA doesn’t drop below a 2.5). 

To start officially applying, read the Internship Information Packet here:! It may seem like a lot of information, but don’t be alarmed, most of the information on here is probably stuff you already know so just make sure you refresh yourself with the info before you apply. Once you have read and understood the Info Packet you can fill out the application:

In this application you will answer some simple questions about your understanding of the process and preferences you may have for your internship. At the end you will be asked to submit a resume and progress report. Read the linked articles to ensure you have properly formatted your resume and progress report. The last question on the application will ask if you want to receive SMS texts about your status of eligibility. We highly encourage you to add your number so you can be the most up to date on your status and new information.

If any part of this application is confusing or you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Nancy Heiz at (please make sure to include your Banner (N) number in your correspondence). We do ask that you read the information packet in its entirety before reaching out as your question most likely will be answered there.

Good luck! This is the first step of a new and exciting opportunity to truly step into the field you desire to work in.