Short Essay or Creative Project



Short Essay or Creative Project

Prompts (Choose One as a Guide):

“But there are “worlds” that we can travel to lovingly and travelling to them is part of loving at least some of their inhabitants. The reason why I think that travelling to someone’s “world” is a way of identify­ing with them is because by travelling to their “world” we can under­stand what it is to be them and what it is to be ourselves in their eyes. Only when we have travelled to each other’s “worlds” are we fully sub­jects to each other.”
~Lugones, 401, Playfulness, ‘World’-Travelling, and Loving Perception 

“I want to figure out how to think about intimate, everyday resistant interactions to the colonial difference.”
~Lugones, 743, Toward a Decolonial Feminism

“What I am proposing in working toward a decolonial feminism is to learn about each other as resisters to the coloniality of gender at the colonial difference, without necessarily being an insider to the worlds of meaning from which resistance to the coloniality arises. That is, the decolonial feminist’s task begins by her seeing the colonial difference, emphatically resisting her epistemological habit of erasing it. Seeing it, she sees the world anew, and then she requires herself to drop her enchantment with ‘‘woman,’’ the universal, and begins to learn about other resisters at the colonial difference.
 ~Lugones, 753, Toward a Decolonial Feminism


Short Essay Guidelines:

  • Respond to one of the prompts in a 5-page descriptive, narrative essay format. Submit a properly formatted (header, works cited, citations, etc.) hard copy in class on Friday, February 15, 2019.

Creative Project Guidelines:

  • Respond to one of the prompts in a performance, a podcast, a video, a story, a painting, etc. Students who opt to complete a creative project must receive permission from the instructor by Friday February 8th, 2019. Creative projects are to be submitted along with a 2-page reflection paper describing how the project responds to the prompt.

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