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WOM393-03 | 3 credits| Spring 2019
9:30 am – 10:45AM | Tuesday/Friday |  HUM 214

Course Description: This course explores the material and epistemic legacies of colonialism in different regions of the world using post-colonial, decolonial, and Indigenous feminist frameworks that center gender, sexuality, race, nation, and class struggle.

You can bring your laptops/iPads to class but if the privilege is abused I will ban them from the entire class. Let’s be responsible for our collective.

Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of the semester, students will:

  • demonstrate knowledge of post-colonial, decolonial, and Indigenous feminist frameworks.
  • identify and analyze the material and epistemic legacies of colonialism specific to the chosen region.
  • apply and extend identification, description, and analytical skills to creative projects (analog and digital).


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Participation is not just showing up to class, that is attendance. I expect you to be present as well as in attendance. Being present means coming to class prepared to engage, ask questions, and contribute to discussion. We are all responsible for the dynamics of the classroom, and your participation and preparedness are crucial to those dynamics.

  • Punctual attendance is expected, with exceptions made at the discretion of the instructor (i.e. in the case of illness or emergency). Students do not accrue points for showing up to class, but they will lose them for failing to do so. Three late arrivals count as one absence.
  •  More than three unexcused absences will affect your grade (instead of a B, you’d get a B-), and over five unexcused absences may cause you to fail the course.

Late Work:

Students are granted a “grace period” of 24 hours for writing assignments. You have 24 hours from the due date/time to submit your essays with no penalty, but you forgo getting my comments on the assignment.

After the 24 hour grace period is up, students lose one half letter grade for every additional 24 hours the assignment is late:

Two days late: A- highest possible grade; no comments
Three days late: B+ highest possible grade; no comments
Four days late: B highest possible grade; no comments

…and so on.

If you need an extension, and are granted one, there is no grace period beyond the extended due date and the losing one half letter grade per day begins as soon as the deadline is up.


Final grade is calculated as follows:

(95-100) A
(90-94) A-
(87.6-89.9) B+
(82.5-87.5) B
(80-82.4) B-
(77.6-79.9) C+
(72.5-77.5) C
(70-72.4) C-
(67.6-69.9) D+
(62.5-67.5) D
(60-62.4) D-
(below 60) F

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