Instagram Photo Essay Midterm

The midterm will have 2 parts: (1) an Instagram thematic photo essay with 5 images and (2) a 500-word blog entry to accompany the photos.


  • Students will create and/or collect 5 images properly formatted for Instagram** that collectively tell a story related to feminist perspectives on decolonization and post them to the course Instagram account.* The blog entry should describe the process and the final result (e.g. how and where did you choose these images? What is the story you’re telling and why does it matter? etc.) The blog entry also include a link to the Instagram story! The Instagram story should be: captioned with the artists and social media accounts you used (who made these images?) cited; include relevant hashtags; be informative, but brief! The photo essays will be presented to the class on Tuesday, March 12 and Friday, March 15, 2019.

Read: How to Create a Photo Essay!

*Our login info is private. Professor will share in class.

**If you do not have a smartphone, there are multiple workarounds for posting using a PC or Mac. You can also borrow a tablet from the library. Meet with Professor if you do not have access to a smartphone.**


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