Decolonization in/and Puerto Rico, Pair Presentation and Post

Decolonization in/and Puerto Rico, Pair Presentation and Post

Since Spain colonized the archipelago of Borikén/Porto Rico/Puerto Rico, Taínos/boricuas/Puerto Ricans have engaged in liberation struggle. In pairs, students will research an example of the liberation struggle (time period is up to you!) and share their findings with the class.

Presentation Guidelines: Students will give an 8-10 minute in-class presentation explaining their feminist perspective on the happening/person/artwork they have chosen, being sure to address the following prompts:

  • Basic info: who, what, where, when and for what makes it liberation struggle?
  • Why you chose to present on this particular event/art/protest/uprising.
  • Why knowing this matters to decolonizing feminist movement and feminist decolonial thought? What can we learn from studying it?

Students are encouraged to use audiovisuals, but are reminded to keep to their time restraints.

Blog Post Guidelines: The post must:

  1. be 500 words minimum, 750 maximum
  2. demonstrate each individual’s contribution to the post
  3. highlight the relevance of the happening/person/artwork to the course (ties to readings, complicates a reading, etc.)
  4. include relevant images and videos with captions and copyright info
  5. hyperlink to relevant information and resources used
  6. be titled appropriately
  7. be uploaded to the course blog by the beginning of class time
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