Other Publications

Greene, K. & Brier, S. (Eds.) (2014). Introduction. The Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy, 6. [online]

Greene, K. (March-October 2014). Eight parts of a continuing series: Common Core @ Home. Hudson Valley Parent:

  • Part One: Why does it seem like English Language Arts teachers are so upset about the Common Core?
  • Part Two: Why is there such an emphasis on reading nonfiction in the Common Core?
  • Part Three: I heard about parents keeping their kids out of the test this year. I was thinking about it but was afraid of the consequences. What can happen if you opt out?
  • Part Four: What are the instructional level expectations for schools in reading now? I saw a chart that had a lot of letter grades on it from A to Z. What do those letters represent?
  • Part Five: How will my child’s individual test score affect her personally?
  • Part Six: Does the Common Core benefit my children at all?
  • Part Seven: How can I find out more about the Common Core curriculum?
  • Part Eight: How does Common Core affect students with special needs?

Greene, K. (2013). Looking back / moving forward. American Educational ResearchAssociation Division B Curriculum Studies Newsletter, Issue 3. [online]