Kiersten has been an educator for the past twenty years. She has held teaching positions in New York State as a photography teacher, 3rd and 5th grade teacher, literacy coach, and college professor.

Kiersten has taught the following classes at SUNY New Paltz:

  • EED 301: Fieldwork Experience I
  • EED 303: Fieldwork Experience II
  • EED 393: Introduction to Teaching with Digital Tools
  • EED 370: Teaching Diverse Populations in Early Childhood and Elementary School
  • EED 375: Teaching Reading in the Elementary School I
  • EED 376: Teaching Reading in the Elementary School II
  • EED 510: Teaching Writing & Multimodal Text Production for Literacy Leaders
  • EED 757: Clinical Practices in Literacy
  • EED 759: Action Research for Literacy Leaders
  • EDS 549: Issues in Literacy for Diverse Learners
  • EDI 233: Education Seminar

She is now an Assistant Professor of Literacy at the State University of New York at New Paltz and teaches in the Department of Teaching & Learning, where she teaches literacy methods courses to pre- and in-service elementary school teachers. Each of her courses is set against a digital pedagogy backdrop, and students learn how to build websites, develop digital storytelling skills, and deepen their knowledge of digital citizenship. And perhaps more importantly, her courses also explore elements of anti-racism in the teaching and learning of literacy in digital times.