Assignments Points Due Dates
Each One Teach One Final Outreach Project/Essay 25 12/13/19
Assigned Blog Posts (5 points each) 25 9/9; 9/23; 10/10; 10/25; 11/15
What’s Up in Hip Hop? Presentation 20 as scheduled
Semester Quote Collection 10 12/6/19
Class Participation & Preparation 20


Assigned Blog Posts
Students will post blogs to our course hawksite on the following dates: 9/9; 9/23; 10/10; 10/25; 11/15. Each blog post is worth 5 points and should be approximately 300 words. Blog entries should refer directly to the readings/viewings whenever possible/relevant. Students should aim for critical analysis, pertinent questions, deep explorations, and scholarly engagement.

What’s Up in Hip Hop? Presentation
On a week of their choice, crews will post a blog on one current issue in Hip Hop—one thing that is “up” in Hip Hop—and then teach the class/facilitate discussion on that topic.

Semester Quote Collection

The Semester Quote Collection assignment has two parts: (1) a collection of 10 of your favorite quotes from the course integrated into visuals and (2) a 500 word essay to accompany the quotes reflecting on why you chose them, how they are connected or disconnected to each other, and how they resonate with you and your experience of the course.

Each One Teach One Final Outreach Project/Essay
In an essay or through a public outreach project, students will write about/act upon the liberation potential of and in Hip Hop Culture.


Late Work Policy:

Students are granted a “grace period” of 24 hours for writing assignments. You have 24 hours from the due date/time to submit your essays with no penalty, but you forgo getting my comments on the assignment.

After the 24 hour grace period is up, students lose one half letter grade for every additional 24 hours the assignment is late:

Two days late: A- highest possible grade; no comments
Three days late: B+ highest possible grade; no comments
Four days late: B highest possible grade; no comments

…and so on.

If you need an extension, and are granted one, there is no grace period beyond the extended due date and the losing one half letter grade per day begins as soon as the deadline is up.

Final grade is calculated as follows:

(95-100) A
(90-94) A-
(87.6-89.9) B+
(82.5-87.5) B
(80-82.4) B-
(77.6-79.9) C+
(72.5-77.5) C
(70-72.4) C-
(67.6-69.9) D+
(62.5-67.5) D
(60-62.4) D-
(below 60) F


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