What’s Up in Hip Hop? Presentation

On a week of their choice, crews will post a blog on one current issue in Hip Hop—one thing that is “up” in Hip Hop—and then teach the class/facilitate discussion on that topic.

The blog post must:

  1. include at least 250 words per crew member on the topic (so a group of 4 would have 1,000 words)
  2. demonstrate each individual’s contribution to the post
  3. highlight the relevance of the happening to the course (ties to readings, complicates a theory, etc.)
  4. include relevant images and videos with captions and copyright info
  5. hyperlink to the news item
  6. be titled appropriately (e.g. “Is it the “Year of Cardi B“? posted on behalf of 2LiveCrew”)
  7. be uploaded by the beginning of class time

On the day your blog post is due, your crew will engage in a 10 minute (max) presentation on the topic. After the presentation, your crew must:

  • offer open-ended questions to your classmates (they should be interesting, engaging, and promote discussion). Avoid questions where the participants can answer with yes or no responses.
  • take questions from your classmates to open the conversation and bring in readings from the day

The assignment is worth 20 points. 10 points will be earned individually, so make sure your role is clear. 10 points are earned collectively.

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