Semester Quote Collection

due 12/6.


The Semester Quote Collection is worth 10 points and has two parts: (1) a collection of 10 of your favorite quotes from the course integrated into visuals and (2) a 500 word essay posted to the blog to accompany the quotes reflecting on why you chose them, how they are connected or disconnected to each other, and how they resonate with you and your experience of the course.

Guidelines: Students will create 10 images that collectively tell a story about your experience of the course (make sure the quote is attributed to the author in the image). The essay/blog entry should describe the process and the final result (e.g. how and where did you choose these quotes? What is the story you’re telling and why does it matter to you as a feminist/person interested in the topic? etc.)

Use the free online design app called CANVA: to create your images. Creativity matters! Think about how you design the quote and think about how they flow as a group.


Embed the images in the blog post.

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