Earth Day Planning – Creative Engagement Session

Tuesday December 12, 8:30 – 11amVan den Berg Hall / VH Annex gymnasium, 4th floor Breakfast at 8:30, collaborative process 9-11am Join student leaders and Eddy folks as we explore creative and collaborative pathways to plan for Earth Day 2024 while building community. Bring a (small) object that represents the system we are trying to… Continue reading Earth Day Planning – Creative Engagement Session

Mother Language Day

Friday February 19, 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. Listening In: Open mic jam – Word share – Wisdom clips  The Eddy invites you to celebrate International Mother Language Day by reading a brief text in the first language you learned. This may be a poem, an aphorism, a famous quotation or passage. Or just join us… Continue reading Mother Language Day

Eddy Interview with Claire Riis

Claire Riis

Interview by Anna McManus, Visual Arts Education Major with Claire Riis, Graphic Design MajorSeptember 2021 What brought you to SUNY New Paltz?  I was very unhappy at my other school; I went to RIT in Rochester. It was a tech school, and I was an art major and so I wanted a more welcoming school that pertained… Continue reading Eddy Interview with Claire Riis

Eddy Interview with Montana Kowalczik

Montana Kowalczik

Interview by Curt Thomas, Graphic Design Major with Montana Kowalczik, Sophomore, Art Education MajorFall 2021  What personal experience or journey brought you into your current role at or connected with SUNY New Paltz?  I am pursuing a degree in art, and I have always been told what an amazing art program New Paltz has. Everyone I know… Continue reading Eddy Interview with Montana Kowalczik

Tree Speed – Future Feed Visioning Think Tank

On June 1-3, 2020, we hosted a virtual, immersive, and trans-disciplinary exchange for SUNY New Paltz faculty and staff to initiate an ongoing process of creative collaborative visioning around education. Thematic Framing: The global health pandemic asks us to distance ourselves socially for an indefinite length of time. On a larger time scale, the global… Continue reading Tree Speed – Future Feed Visioning Think Tank

Listening to Black Farmers

June 2, 2021 Please join us for a free online panel presentation; Listening to Black Farmers. Our three panelists will share their personal experiences as Black Farmers, social justice advocates, and land conservationists. The panel members, their affiliations, and topics of discussion are listed below; • Alison Espinosa, Black Farmer Fund & Rootworker’s Croft, on connecting the past & future of black… Continue reading Listening to Black Farmers