New Paltz Bike-in on Earth Day, 4/22/24

New Paltz Bike-in on Earth Day

Bike or walk to school, college, or work on
Monday, April 22

We need safe bike paths to all New Paltz
schools and the college. Show your support!

Biking every day makes us healthy and happy, keeps CO2 out of the atmosphere, is cheaper than driving, and helps us build community.  
Observe traffic rules, drive safely. New Paltz Police an Village/Town officials are informed and supportive of this event.

Here is how you can help:

  • Bike or walk to work or school on Monday April 22nd.
  • Share this call with your family, friends, kids in New Paltz schools, the college, etc.
  • Demonstrate the need for safe biking and walking paths to SUNY New Paltz and all New Paltz schools by showing up on your bike.
  • Volunteer to ride with kids biking to school on April 22 to keep them safe. Organize a bike bus from your location!
  • Distribute the attached poster or make a better one and distribute,
  • Communicate with parents and teachers in school.
  • Share on instagram, facebook, in person…

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