EARTH DAY April 27, 2024


The SUNY New Paltz community will celebrate Earth Day on April 27th on the Old Main Quad this year. Many clubs and organizations will contribute. Eddy collaborators are excited to be part of this important event and to bring together and amplify many different voices of our community.

Make a Zine for our growing Earth Day Library:

Calling ecopoets, researchers, climate activists, environmentalists, visual artists, DIYers, gardeners, students, and anyone who has something to say about our planet…

Please share your zine, pamphlet, or book to the Earth Day Library collection. Email Ripley at if you have are ready to share a zine or would like to learn how to make one. There will be a zine making workshop at Better Together on Feb 24, 1-5pm in Science hall. More to come.

Educators: As part of your sustainability, earth, or environmental justice related assignments, please consider asking your students to create zines or booklets which will become part of this growing Zine/book archive spanning all disciplines. We invite contributions from students from different classes and disciplines. 

Here are some resources from STL on how to create a zine.

In the words of student leader Wren Kingsley, our campus is full of bright, passionate and engaged students and faculty; Earth Day is the opportunity to come together and celebrate our campus, where we live, work, and play. 

Last year, we had a rally with public speakers, followed by 4 hours of live music. Organizers led workshops and clubs tabled. Hundreds of students came out, set up blankets on the grass and enjoyed the early spring day. I was moved by the display of diversity and talent on our campus. This was a glimpse into what an Earth Day celebration could be

If you share the dream of being part of a collaborative community that is building a brighter, more joyful future for yourselves, your families, and your students, then I request that you join us.

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