Saturday April 2, 2022 : u.lab2x 3D Mapping

10:30 – 2pm: Newburgh with u.lab team (Newburgh location TBC)

A u.lab2x team consisting of SUNY New Paltz, U Albany, and Newburgh community members, which was formed in response to the desire to find new ways to engage with the Newburgh community around urgent health, wellness, and environmental justice concerns, was officially accepted to the Presencing Institute‘s u.lab 2x cohort in December 2021. U.lab 2x is an accelerator for systems transformation, which helps move projects from prototype to (eco)system impact.

During this 3D Mapping session, which is an important workshop in the co-sensing part of our journey, we will begin mapping and reflecting on the system we are collectively trying to change through our initiative.

After collectively creating this model from simple materials, we will continue to explore Newburgh to gather the key observations and insights.

Learning Objectives
(copied from the u.lab 2x workbook)

During this module you will establish a better shared understanding of how all stakeholders experience the current reality – but in particular, the ones who are most marginalized or excluded from conversations about changes that will impact them. By the end of this module, your team will generate:

  1. New ways of perceiving blockages, needs and opportunities in your stakeholder systems.
  2. A map of the systemic barriers that keep the system on its current track.
  3. A revised set of driving forces that shape the system you are collectively trying to change, along with core questions and insights into opportunities related to each of them.

Through the co-sensing experience, you’ll further establish a team that is “switched on” to sensing profound opportunities, who have an improved capacity for building generative stakeholder relationships.

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