🗓 Listening In – International Mother Language Day March 3,2022, 2-4 p.m.

International Mother Language Day

Listening In: Open mic jam – Word share – Wisdom clips 

The Eddy invites you to celebrate International Mother Language Day by reading a brief text in the first language you learned. This may be a poem, an aphorism, a famous quotation or passage. Or just join us to listen in. We aim to share the multilingual voices of our New Paltz community and honor the abundance of cultural wisdom we hold.

All students, employees, staff, faculty, administrative divisions/groups invited to participate by listening or presenting.

Here is a recording of the 2022 event

Join us via WebEx

Meeting number:2429 234 4763
Agenda: Registration, details and recording from last year at this link: https://hawksites.newpaltz.edu/fdc/2022/02/16/listening-in-international-mother-language-day-fri-feb-19-200-500-p-m-an-eddy-initiative/
Join by phone: +1-415-655-0001 US
TollAccess code: 2429 234 4763
Global call-in numbers

How to participate as a Reader (5 minutes max)  

  • Introduce yourself.    
  • Read, recite, or perform the text live or in a pre-recorded format in your mother language. 
  • Translate, if you like, and briefly explain your choice of text.   
  • Provide a slide of the text or another image (optional).
  • If you would like to participate from a campus computer at the Dorsky Museum, please indicate this on the registration form.
  • You are welcome to read without registration as time allows.

Example by Mary McLaughlin, American Sign Language.
Marinella Garatti – Italian via video

Register to read a textor simply show up!


Here is a recording of the 2021 International Mother Language Day
Readers 2021:

  • Cesar Barros – Spanish, “el alarido” by Rodrigo Lira (Chile)
  • Anat Shiftan – Hebrew, “Each of us Has a Name” by  Zelda
  • Paul Fenouillet – French, “Ma Vie” Henri Michaux (Belgium)
  • Aya Kikuta – Japanese 
  • Michelle Woods – Czech, “Vlastní životopis” / “Autobiography” by Jaroslav Seifert (about his mother)
  • Francoise Dunefsky – Dutch, “Poortje in Sopron” by Stefan Hermans
  • Yongli Li – Mandarin Chinese, Shanghai dialect
  • Aurora De Armendi – Spanish, “Amor America” by Pablo Neruda
  • Gwen Lloyd – Creole 
  • Emely Jorge – Spanish, “Paisajes de Estados Unidos” by Luis Alberto Ambroggio
  • Lisa Mitten – Dutch
  • Melissa Paniagua – Spanish
  • Yuying Zhang- Chinese, The Ballad of Mulan
  • Mary McLaughlin – American Sign Language video
  • Marinella Garatti – Italian via video, “L’Infinito” by Giacomo Leopardi
  • Christiana Fortune-Reader (with baby Juniper!) – German, Joseph von Eichendorff, “Wuenschelrute”
  • Anne Galperin – Hindi
  • Ilgu Ozler – Turkish by Nazin Hikmet

Co-hosts: Asian Studies, Center for Student Engagement, Center for International Programs, Creative Writing Program, Deaf Studies, The Eddy, English Department, Executive Committee of the college faculty senate, International Student Union, Department of Literatures, Languages & Cultures,  Sustainability Faculty Fellows Learning Community, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, Office of Veteran and Military Services, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Faculty Fellows,  School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Faculty Development Center. 

Here are two New York Times language related stories:

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