Eddy Interview with Brendan O’Connell

Brendan O'Connell
Brendan O'Connell

Eddy interview with Brendan O’Connell, Freshman, Major in Visual Arts
Interviewed by Cesar VillaIona, Freshman, Major in Computer ScienceI

Can you introduce yourself?

Yes, my name is Brandon O’Connell and I am a freshman and visual arts major and I am here to do this sociology interview.

Let’s begin. When did you first begin your college search process?

I first began the college search process later than I should have. In the winter of last year, I started looking into schools that I would want to go to. I didn’t finish until around May.

What support did you receive when looking at colleges?

My parents were very supportive when I was looking at colleges and applying for scholarships. 

Why did you choose SUNY New Paltz?

I chose SUNY New Paltz because they offered me a small scholarship which I really appreciated and because it was one of the more affordable schools I applied to, also because I got into their art program which was important to me.

What Factors were there for you to consider when picking a school?

Location was important because I wanted to be close to home but also far enough where I can get out of the city.

What challenges did you confront when deciding to enroll at SUNY New Paltz?

I struggled to figure out what I wanted to do and what I wanted to major in or which career I wanted to pursue, which I’m still figuring out now. I started as a visual art major because I got into the art program and that seemed like a good place to start.

What would you change about your college search process?

I would apply to more schools and apply earlier so I would have more options. Although I am happy with my decision I didn’t really get the chance to look into SUNY New Paltz that much when I committed. I mainly focused on location and not the other factors.

Why is attending college so important to you?

Well partly because attending college has become a sort of a necessity but also because of the desire to gain new experiences and move away from home for a bit and figure out what I want to do with my life before I enter the workforce.

What goals do you have for yourself and how can college help meet those goals?

I want to find a career that is fulfilling to me and develop new skills as well as finding personal creative fulfillment. The art classes that I take will creatively fulfill me and I hope that I’ll be able to find classes that point me toward a career that I want to pursue.

What struggles do you anticipate having while being an undergrad student?

I imagine the workload would be a struggle managing my work and assignments while maintaining a social life.

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