Saturday, April 1st-Friday, April 15th, FAB Rotunda — View large-scale digital projections of poetry / water art, some produced in real time

Sunday, April 2nd 2:00-3:30 pm — Workshop with Maya Stein and Amy Tingle of the Creativity Caravan. Learn how to become a “poet-typist,” collaboratively creating poems on Sojourner Truth Library’s typewriters with passersby.

Sunday, April 2nd 3:30-5:00 pm — Workshop participants who can stay are invited to take their first shift as “poet-typists” in the STL Lobby.

Monday, April 3rd – Thursday, April 14th — Sign up for an hour or two of time as a “poet typist” in the STL Lobby

Thursday, April 13th 7-9 pm, Parker Theatre — Hear selected poems from the residency read and performed by the campus community and New Paltz Theatre Arts students.