WaterWords is an interdisciplinary project that combines poetry, performance, digital art-making, and zine-making. Water is essential to life, a “resource” consistently threatened by pollution caused by human activity including climate change, pollution, and privatization. Water is also synonymous with fluidity, a theoretical framework through which we may understand identity, communication, creativity and other aspects of lived experience.

WaterWords, which will take place from April 1-15th, 2017, on SUNY New Paltz campus includes the following events and participatory installations. We encourage you to get involved by signing up to become a poet-typist, or by attending exhibits and performances.

Who are we?

Susan Brennan, a SUNY New Paltz alumnae and an organizing member of WanderWord, an interdisciplinary collective who invent and produce site-specific, interactive poetry events. Susan is a visiting artist and coordinator for the WaterWords residency project.

Maya Stein & Amy Tingle, who are poet-typists from the Creativity Caravan, will be leading a workshop and hands-on session to prepare “poet-typists” to begin collecting poems on New Paltz campus.

Joshua Korenblat, Assistant Professor, Graphic Design. On campus residency coordinator and digital projection designer.

Madeline Veitch, Research, Metadata & Zine Library, Sojourner Truth Library. On campus residency and zine coordinator.

Ken GoldsteinAssociate Chair, Theatre Arts Department. Project advisor in the Theatre Arts Department.

Sarice Olson, Lighting and projection student. Digital projection designer.

Jasper Campos, Zine Library Intern. Contributor to WaterWords zine.

This Event Sponsored by:

School of Fine and Performing Arts, Office of the Provost, Sojourner Truth Library, College Writing Board, & the Teaching and Learning Center.