Course Goals and Objectives


This course will provide a graduate-level introduction to the study of Shakespeare. We will consider a selection of his plays in their broader social, cultural, and literary context, exploring them within these networks of meaning to a arrive at a more comprehensive understanding of his work. No previous study of Shakespeare is required for the seminar.

This course is a research seminar, and one of its goals is to help you practice and hone the skills of scholarly work, including:

1. Using secondary criticism to interpret and develop arguments about literature.

2. Using MLA citation style.

5. Planning, structuring, and carrying out a research project.

More generally, you should expect that in this seminar we will work on: 

1. Producing clear and consistent critical writing for a scholarly audience.

2. Reading, understanding, and assessing¬†the literary and cultural significance of Shakespeare’s writing.

3. Using collaborative work to achieve course outcomes.

4. Exploring our texts and ideas through discussion and oral presentations.

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