Schedule of Readings and Assignment Deadlines


January 20: Introductions

Readings: No Readings this week. We will have a general introduction to the seminar and topic.

January 27: Shakespeare and Performance

Readings: View* Twelfth Night (Globe Shakespeare Production). **links to video sent via e-mail**

Reading: “The Shakespearean Stage,” by Andrew Gurr (Norton Shakespeare 2nd Edition, 79-99) OR “The Theater of Shakespeare’s Time” by Holger Schott Syme (Norton Shakespeare 3rd Edition, 93-118)

*for this week I would like you to watch the play only! Try to avoid reading along with the performance.

Seminar Starter(s):  Holly Lattimer
 Seminar Synopsis  Chris Page

February 3: Shakespeare’s Language

Readings: The Rape of Lucrece

Chapters 2 and 5 in The Bedford Companion (“Shakespeare’s Dramatic Language” and “Shakespeare’s Reading”

Seminar Starter(s):

Seminar Synopsis:

Mike Marks


Holly Lattimer / Kathleen O’Mally

 Assignment:  FIRST SHORT ESSAY ASSIGNMENT (Due 2/5, 2/12, or 2/19)

February 10: Shakespeare’s Text I

Readings: The History of King Lear. Quarto Text (1606) [An edited version of the Quarto text is available in the Norton Shakespeare: read only the LEFT side of the book beginning with p. 2330 in the 3rd edition or p. 2336 in the 2nd edition. The 3rd edition also has the quarto text available in the Digital Edition.]

Chapter 6 of The Bedford Companion (“What is your Text?”)

Seminar Starter(s):  Kristina Ginnick / Meghan Gallucci
Seminar Synopsis:  Brendan Tanner

 February 17Shakespeare’s Text II

Readings: The Tragical History of Hamlet, First Quarto Text (1603) [The 3rd Edition of the Norton Shakespeare includes an edited full text of Q1. If you don’t have the 3rd Edition, you can download a copy of the text here.]

Ron Rosenbaum, “Shakespeare’s Badass Quarto” (2016)

OPTIONAL: Leah Marcus, “Bad Taste and Bad Hamlet” from Unediting the Renaissance (1998)

Seminar Starter(s):  Brendan Tanner
Seminar Synopsis:  Shannon Plackis

February 24Shakespeare and Politics

Readings: Richard II

David Scott Kastan, “Proud Majesty Made a Subject: Shakespeare and the Spectacle of Rule” 

Chapter 9 of The Bedford Companion (“Politics and Religion”)

Seminar Starter(s):  Joe Curra / Chris Page
Seminar Synopsis:  William Perry

March 2: Shakespeare and Gender

Readings: The Taming of the Shrew 

Frances Dolan, “Household Chastisements: Gender, Authority and ‘Domestic Violence'”

Chapter 8 in The Bedford Companion (“Men and Women: Gender, Family, Society”)

Seminar Starter(s):  Colleen Stewart
Seminar Synopsis:  Kasey Tveit

March 9Shakespeare and Sexuality

Readings: The Two Gentlemen of Verona 

Stephen Guy-Bray“‘Shakespeare and the Invention of the Heterosexual” 

Seminar Starter(s):

Seminar Synopsis:

Kasey Tveit

Kristina Ginnick

March 16: Shakespeare’s Life

Readings: James ShapiroContested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare? (excerpts)

Chapter 1 of The Bedford Companion, (Shakespeare, “Shakespeare,” and the Problem of Authorship

Seminar Starter(s):

Seminar Synopsis:

William Perry

Mike Marks

Assignment:  SECOND SHORT ASSIGNMENT DUE (by Friday, 3/18)


March 30: Shakespeare and Film I

Readings:  Read Much Ado About Nothing and view 2014 film directed by Joss Whedon
Seminar Starter: Shannon Plackis
Seminar Synopsis:  Sunny Hoang

April 6: Shakespeare and Adaptation

Readings: Othello

Desdemona, by Toni Morrison

Seminar Starter: Shelby Seipp
Seminar Synopsis: Colleen Stewart

April 13: Shakespeare and New Media

Readings:  Digital Editions of The Tempest
Seminar Starter:

Seminar Synopsis:

Kathleen O’Malley

Meghan Gallucci


April 20Shakespeare in the Twenty-First Century 

This week members of the seminar will present on materials selected from a range of adaptations and responses to Shakespeare.

April 27: Shakespeare and Film II

Readings:  Macbeth (2015), dir. by Justin Kurzel SCREENED IN CLASS
Seminar Starter:

Seminar Synopsis:

Sunny Hoang

Joe Curra / Shelby Seipp

Wed., May 4 (No Class): Fourth Short Assignment Due

Wed., May 11: Final Presentations, in our Classroom at 7:15

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