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Video: “COVID-19: Trauma and Coping”

Published on: Author: Jonathan Raskin
Without Limits logo

My presentation at the “Without Limits” faculty panel explored using context-centered theory to help people cope with the coronavirus pandemic. The panel was sponsored by the SUNY New Paltz College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. My talk was based on the following co-authored paper: Raskin, J. D., & Efran, J. S. (2021). The coronavirus in context: Guidance… Continue reading

Diversity from a Constructivist Perspective

Published on: Author: Jonathan Raskin

Watch my presentation on diversity from a constructivist perspective, presented as part of a panel on humanistic approaches to multiculturalism and diversity as part of the Society for Humanistic Psychology‘s 2021 Virtual Conference Series.   Hoffman, L., Granger, N., Jr., Jackson, T., St. John, D., Morrill, Z., Islam, S., & Raskin, J. D. (2021, February… Continue reading

Two Entries: The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Critical Perspectives on Mental Health

Published on: Author: Jonathan Raskin
The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Critical Perspectives on Mental Health

Dr. Raskin is the author of two entries in the The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Critical Perspectives on Mental Health: Raskin, J. D. (2021). Power threat meaning framework (PTMF). In J. N. Lester & M. O’Reilly (Eds.), The Palgrave encyclopedia of critical perspectives on mental health. Palgrave Macmillan. Raskin, J. D. (2021). Transitive diagnosis. In… Continue reading

Book Review of “Beyond the DSM”

Published on: Author: Jonathan Raskin

New book review in the Journal of Constructivist Psychology: Raskin, J. D. (2021). Not quite beyond the DSM [Review of the book Beyond the DSM: Toward a process-based alternative for diagnosis and mental health treatment, by S. C. Hayes & S. Hofmann, Eds.]. Journal of Constructivist Psychology. Advance online publication.  

Primer on Alternatives to the DSM Published as Advance Online Article

Published on: Author: Jonathan Raskin
Screen shot of DSM alternatives paper on PsycNET

Dr. Raskin and has co-authored (with Ms. Gabrielle Phillips, a recent alum of the SUNY New Paltz mental health counseling program) a primer on alternatives to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. It has been published as an advance online article in Professional Psychology: Research and Practice.  Full reference and link to the… Continue reading

Raskin Begins Term as President of Society for Humanistic Psychology

Published on: Author: Jonathan Raskin

In August 2020, I began my term as president of the American Psychological Association‘s Society for Humanistic Psychology (Division 32). I will serve as president through August 2021 and then serve as past-president from 2021 to 2022. Here’s a little more about the Society for Humanistic Psychology: The society represents a constellation of “humanistic psychologies” that… Continue reading

Objecting, Subjecting, and Epistemic Diversity

Published on: Author: Jonathan Raskin
Theory & Psychology cover

My paper, “Objecting, Subjecting, and Epistemic Diversity” has been published in Theory and Psychology. It is a response to Barbara Held’s latest article on “Epistemic Violence in Psychological Science.” Full reference: Raskin, J. D. (2020). Objecting, subjecting, and epistemic diversity: A response to Held. Theory and Psychology, 30(2), 394-399.