The New FDA-Approved Antidepressant: Your Questions Answered

Blog post on the new FDA-approved antidepressant, esketamine.

Debate Over Gaming Disorder Is Not All Fun and Games

New blog post: Debate Over Gaming Disorder Is Not All Fun and Games Read all about it on my Psychology Today blog.  

Right Doesn’t Make Might

Check out my latest blog post examining why making others wrong rarely brings them around to your point of view.

Blog Post: “Sorry, I’m Gonna Have to Let You Go” as an Act of Bad Faith

Phone call etiquette and existential freedom Ever end a call by saying “I’m gonna have to let you go?” Let’s examine why this is...

Read Chapter 1 of “Abnormal Psychology: Contrasting Perspectives”

Check out Chapter 1 of my new textbook, Abnormal Psychology: Contrasting Perspectives. Are you an instructor who is considering adopting the book for your class?...

Spring 2019 Class and Required Book

For Spring 2019, I will be teaching: PSY412 Abnormal Psychology The required book to purchase for this class is as follows: Raskin, J. D....

Winter ’18-19 Classes and Required Books

For Winter 2018-19, I will be teaching one undergraduate and one graduate class: PSY498 Seminar in Psychology (Topic: Hot Topics in Abnormal Psychology) COU585...

My Abnormal Psychology Textbook Published

From the publisher’s website: This groundbreaking core textbook offers a comprehensive overview of different approaches to the assessment and treatment of psychological disorders. The...

What Will Instructor’s Like About “Abnormal Psychology: Contrasting Perspectives?”

In this video, I talk about three things instructors will like about my textbook, “Abnormal Psychology: Contrasting Perspectives.”

Dare You Take Someone Else’s Perspective?

New Psychology Today blog post on the potential power of empathy in today’s contentious world.