2014 NYMHCA Conference Presentation on Counselor Attitudes Toward DSM-5

I will be presenting a paper coauthored with Dr. Michael Gayle on counselor and psychologist attitudes toward the DSM-5 at the April 11-13 New York Mental Health Counselors Conference in Albany.


Counselors were surveyed regarding their attitudes toward the DSM. Results indicate they see the manual in a somewhat positive light, believing the DSM-5 will benefit their profession. Their attitudes toward DSM were more positive than those held by psychologists. Nonetheless, counselors support seeing alternatives to the DSM developed.


Raskin, J. D., & Gayle, M. C. (2014, April). How much do counselors like the DSM-5? Results of an empirical study. Paper to be presented at the Biennial Convention of the New York Mental Health Counselors Association, Albany, NY.

Plenary Address at Personal Construct Congress

I will be giving a plenary address at the 20th International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology in Sydney, Australia. The title of the address is “Beyond Relativism and ‘Anything Goes’: A PCP-based Constructivist Model of Ethical Meaning-Making.”


Critics say that constructivism embraces an “anything goes” ethics that permits any position. I disagree.  In my understanding of constructivism, ethics is unavoidable because people are always embedded in ethical perspectives that infuse everything they do. “Anything goes” is never an option, even if what goes varies by person. This talk is divided into three parts. First, I’ll distinguish three versions of constructivism and distinguish epistemological versus ontological modes of construing. Second, I’ll summarize and counter criticisms that portray constructivism as endorsing “anything goes” relativism. Third, I’ll outline a constructivist model of ethical meaning-making.


Additional 2012 Presentations

I have the following additional presentations coming up this summer:

  1. Raskin, J. D. (2012, July). What’s coming in DSM-5 and what does it mean for psychotherapists? Workshop to be given at the 7th Biennial International Meaning Conference, Toronto.
  2. Raskin, J. D. (2012, July). Constructing and deconstructing DSM-5: The Open Letter Committee story. Keynote to be given at the 15th Biennial Conference of the Constructivist Psychology Network, Arlington, TX.
  3. Raskin, J. D. (2012, July). Thinking, feeling, and Being Human. In S. A. McWilliams (Chair), Rue Cromwell’s “Being Human.” Symposium to be given at the 15th Biennial Conference of the Constructivist Psychology Network, Arlington, TX.