Jonathan D. Raskin, Ph.D.

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Dr. Jonathan D. Raskin is a professor of psychology and counselor education at the State University of New York at New Paltz. He currently serves as chair of the Department of Psychology, which houses the psychology undergraduate program, the graduate program in psychological science, and the combined BA-MS program. He is also an affiliated faculty member in the Department of Counselor Education. In addition to his faculty work, Dr. Raskin is co-editor of the Journal of Constructivist Psychology. He is a licensed psychologist and maintains an active private practice.


Dr. Raskin teaches a variety of undergraduate psychology courses (e.g., abnormal psychology, mental health professions, psychology of adjustment) and graduate counselor education courses (e.g. counseling theories, psychopathology, and contemporary issues in counseling).

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Dr. Raskin’s research focuses on constructive meaning-based approaches in psychology and counselor education, especially their applications to understanding abnormality, counseling, and psychotherapy. Much of his scholarship builds on George Kelly’s personal construct theory and Ernst von Glasersfeld’s radical constructivism, but he also incorporates social constructionism, narrative therapy, solution-focused therapy, context-centered therapy, and other constructivist approaches.

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Dr. Raskin is the author of Abnormal Psychology: Contrasting Perspectives.

From the publisher’s website: “Abnormal Psychology: Contrasting Perspectives offers a comprehensive overview of different approaches to the assessment and treatment of psychological disorders. The book retains important diagnostic perspectives, including the DSM-5, ICD-10, ICD-11 and PDM, but also widens the scope of coverage beyond mainstream psychiatric models to include psychological, biological, historical, sociocultural and therapeutic approaches. Contemporary and well-balanced, this book provides an even-handed and holistic foundation, allowing students to develop a strong critical mindset while retaining a robust research-driven orientation. This book is ideal for undergraduate and postgraduates students on abnormal psychology, psychopathology, mental health or clinical psychology modules.”

Dr. Jonathan Raskin