New Paltz Evolutionary Psychology Lab Policies and Procedures

Here is a hodgepodge of policies for the NP EP lab that is just helpful stuff for our research.

1. if you’re doing an online survey, the final page needs to be something like this (so that psych students at NP can get credit):

If you are planning to secure subject pool credits via the Psychology Department, please send an email to Psychology Subject Pool <> with the following code: Q7788 in the subject and your Name, Banner ID, the title of the study (“Generic Study of Behavior”) – and what you’d like the 2 credits allocated to within your SONA account (e.g., Psychology Major, PSY 272 section 3, etc.).

Don’t hesitate to contact Jane Doe, the principal investigator of the study, with any questions (

2. If you are going to use the subject pool, make sure that in all of your communications advertising the study, you need to indicate something like the following:

If you are planning to obtain New Paltz Psychology Department Subject Pool credit for your participation, instead of clicking the direct link to the survey, you MUST first click on the survey within the SONA systems website (you can login at this link: and follow the study from there.

3. We ALWAYS, as a policy, when asking about gender of participant, include an option that is “other” with a fill-in-the-blank.

4. We ALWAYS, as a policy, when asking about sexual orientation of participant, include an option that is “other” with a fill-in-the-blank.

5. Once a survey is ready to be disseminated, come to Glenn to submit to the psych students. Also, you can have it sent to the full student body via the survey email list – to do this, (1) email Paul Chauvet <> with the HREB approval attached, and indicate that you’ll send another email to the survey listserv for dissemination; (2) email to this address: Survey List Manager <> – and include the script and subject 100% as you want it seen by the students who are going to receive it.

6. If you are using Qualtrics to collect survey research data, you MUST make sure that the Anonymize option is selected.  If this option is not selected, Qualtrics will include individually identifying information in your data set.  This includes IP addresses and geo location information.

This is a serious concern if your approved HREB protocol indicated that your data would contain no identifying information and/or that your participants would be anonymous.  Unless this option is selected you will not be complying with the procedures that you told the HREB you would be using.

Below are the directions for making sure that your survey data is anonymous.  You must do this for each of your surveys.

First, with your survey open, click on Survey Options.

Second, under Survey Termination select Anonymize Response.  Notice below that it says “not recommended.”  It is not recommended by Qualtrics which is used for a variety of different purposes by a variety of different types of users.  The HREB expects this option to be selected when you are collecting data.