Proof that we are all primates (at least in my family!)

My Positions

Founding President, NorthEastern Evolutionary Psychology Society (NEEPS)
Board of Directors Member, Institute for Disaster Mental Health
Chair, Psychology Department Founding Director, Evolutionary Studies Program
Vice President, Friends of the Plattekill Public Library Alumni-Weekend Hike Leader in the Mohonk Preserve

Guitarist in Questionable Authorities

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My Other Interests

Largely, my interests define me. I buy into all that “life is short, play hard” stuff.
I think reincarnation is a great idea — but I’m not banking on it …

EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY — As I see it, the developments in evolutionary psychology and related fields are fully redefining how we think about human behavior. The implications for all that we conceive as human are staggering and extend quite beyond the classroom. Click HERE for a link to the Human Behavior and Evolution Society which was designed to facilitate work in this area. Click HERE for information on the Evolutionary Studies Consortium – the next great thing in higher education.

Insights that I have gleaned (yeah, that’s right, you glean insights …) have altered my life in so many ways. As I see it, the ideas included in Evolutionary Psychology have dramatic implications for eating, exercise, relationships, and all that we think of under the umbrella of the ‘human condition.’ I strongly recommend to ANYONE who is at all interested in understanding what it means to be human to learn about the ideas in this field. For starters, I urge you to consider the discordance between foods that existed when our species evolved (primarily under pre-industrial and pre-agricultural conditions) and foods that are the core of the modern American diet. Click here for information on evolutionarily informed eating (i.e., The Caveman Diet). Take my Evolutionary Psychology course or get involved with the EvoS program to learn more. Click HERE for Rose Chang’s EvoS Blog regarding modern human diets — it’s great.

Click HERE for a description of what Evolutionary Psychology IS and what it is NOT!

Running — 5 days a week … rain, snow, or shine. Check out this photo of JP, Droo, Petra, and me after the Trail’s End marathon; back in my Oregon days!

• Here are some pictures from the Cape Cod TImes marathon (February 27, 2000):

Approaching the finish line!
My time.
Murphy and me after the race. Doubt I come close to that time ever again!

Here’s a link to the race results from the 2005 Dutchess County Classic Marathon — check out who took first place in my category! Good thing for only four runners in the category!

• Weightlifting — it’s fun, really!

• Skiing — downhill and cross country … I sure do miss skiing in Oregon

• Hiking — I love the back country — woods, mountains, rivers, lakes … My favorite hiking coast-to-coast is in Acadia.

• Locally, the Mohonk Preserve is tough to beat.

• Click HERE for a story published in the Poughkeepsie Journal about a hike with my mom!

• Click HERE for a story I published in the Husson College publication Crosscut — it’s about a great snowshoe adventure in Maine.

• Fishing — bass fishing in particular.

• Travel — Before I’d ever been to Europe, I figured the United States had it made over anywhere. Then I went to Switzerland. I will see as much of this world as I can.

• Here are some shots of other trips. Check out these shots of Maui:
(The Maui Coast near Lahaina; the Maui sunset).

• Click HERE for a shot of an island in the Puget sound from our great sailing adventure with Vic!

• Quebec City’s one of my all time favorite places — here’s a picture of Kathy and me at the Winter Carnival with a special friend!

• Cooking — you should try my beer fondue!
… not to mention my Potato Pancakes!

• UNLESS, of course, you buy into the dietary implications of the Caveman Diet suggested by Evolutionary Psychology (as I do).

• New England — SkiingBlue Job Mountain, NHDover, NHMt. Washington

• Cutting down huge Christmas Trees!

Flat Stanley

• Making Mad Libs for my kids — click HERE for Megan’s Mad Libs page with free printable Mad Libs!

Family, Friends, Pets, etc.

Click here for Andrew’s cool webpage!

Thorpe with fish; Thorpey looking serious (look for Thorpe, my zany college roommate, on exam questions in all my classes!)

Our Crazy petsDixie and Peanut, Dixie 2000, Peanut, Peanut 2000, Murphy, Murphy 2000

Peanut is SO SORELY MISSED by many … (click HERE for Peanut’s online memorial)

… and here is Murphy’s memorial.

We miss you too Dixie! Some predator was he.

We also have been known to have some rascally Sea Monkeys!

Thanks to Vic Savicki and several psychology students of Western Oregon University for the general design of this page.