Become a Mindful Leader. Classes begin January, 5, 2021 SUNY SAIL Leadership Institute

Mindful Leadership can be thought of as cultivation of leadership presence. Mindfulness can be described as ‘non-judgmental, moment to moment awareness’. Being present is quite a complex assignment in today’s chaotic world where time is a precious commodity, the past is seen as the most reliable tool to analyze and assess how to venture forward into the future, and we are undergoing massive disruptions, leaving little time to develop our leaders.

SUNY SAIL’s Mindful Leadership courses explore how meditation, reflection, communication and other contemplative practices impact the development of the fundamental qualities of living and leading well.

Led by Mindfulness and Meditation experts from across SUNY for the following three courses:

·    Foundations of Mindfulness

·    Mindful Communication

·    Mindful Leadership

You may register for one or two courses individually, and successful completion of all three course will lead to a Mindful Leadership certificate of completion and digital badge.

To register and learn more visit SUNY SAIL Mindful Leadership.

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The SUNY SAIL Institute is grounded on the concept that colleges and universities need leaders who are strategic and innovative as well as have a firm understanding of the special nature of the academic core of the institutions that they serve. Through our programs, services, and analysis, the SAIL Institute seeks to advance understanding and development of the next generation of leaders in higher education.