Mission Statement

TLC_main_banner-300x139The goal of the Center is to promote excellence in teaching and research by facilitating teaching and learning initiatives across the campus. To achieve this goal the Center will build on the knowledge and expertise of the SUNY New Paltz faculty and the instructional support staff. The Center seeks to create a dynamic environment that initiates and sustains a dialogue among faculty that strengthens the connections between teaching and learning in and across academic disciplines; to support the collaborative initiatives of faculty to explore and develop innovative pedagogies and new curricula; and to encourage professional development activities that contribute to pedagogical knowledge, instructional development, and research in teaching and learning.

Fall 2016 and Beyond

As we begin our second year without a TLC Director, Provost Fellows Tom Meyer, Jackie Kerner, and Sarah Wyman, along with Information Technology specialists Kate Bohan and Rich McElrath, have been tasked with maintaining, re-assessing, and improving the TLC’s services for faculty and staff. We want to promote the TLC as a grass roots effort that belongs to the campus community, a forum for discussion about innovative pedagogy and best practices, and a place that recognizes and celebrates good teaching.

We are, by definition, a reciprocal mentoring organization whose primary resources are our own experienced faculty and our innovative newcomers.The TLC would be happy to host visiting speakers and partner with your departments to help this happen.