NYSCHA Suicide Prevention Symposium, Mental Health in the Changing Higher Education Landscape, December 1-10, 2020

NYSCHA is collaborating with the New York State Office of Mental Health and SUNY System Administration, under their SAMHSA Garrett Lee Smith suicide prevention grant, to offer the Suicide Prevention Symposium focusing on college student suicide prevention by addressing this issue through research or practice either directly or broadly (e.g., resilience, social connectedness, stress management).

The Suicide Prevention Symposium will be held virtually December 1-10, 2020. The goal of the Symposium is to enhance knowledge and skills regarding suicide prevention and mental health for college and university populations. By bringing college health professionals, student affairs professionals, faculty, and students from throughout New York State together in this collaborative effort, we will have the opportunity to address the factors that put students at higher risk of suicide as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and to discuss suicide prevention strategies that colleges and universities can take to enhance the well-being of college students. The Suicide Prevention Symposium will offer many opportunities to explore ways to improve the care and services offered to meet the mental health needs of our students.

Collaboration across disciplines, within campus communities, and with college health colleagues is vitally important to the work we do on our campuses. Each member of the higher education community has a role to play in mental health and suicide prevention. Enhancing knowledge and skills regarding mental health and suicide prevention is necessary for every role on our campuses.

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