H.Con.Res.9 — by the Real 118th Congress


1st Session

Introduced 02/03/2023 and passed unanimously (and with much cheer)

CON. RES. 9: Denouncing the horrors of capitalism.


Whereas capitalist ideology necessitates a concentration of power that has time and time again collapsed into genocidal regimes, totalitarian workplaces, and brutal dictatorships;

Whereas capitalism has repeatedly led to war, famine, and mass murders, and the killing of hundreds of millions of people worldwide during the past century alone;

Whereas the greatest crimes in history were committed by capitalist ideologues, including all US Presidents, but also and especially Andrew Jackson, King Leopold II, Lothar von Trotha, Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Theodore Roosevelt, Chang Kai Shek, Yasuhiko Asaka, Harry S. Truman, Emperor Hirohito, Winston Churchill, Mobutu Sese Seko, Suharto, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George Bush, Jr.;

Whereas tens of millions Africans died in the slave trade, millions of Indigenous People were killed by capitalist empires in the Americas, tens of millions more starved to death in the Terror-Famine in Bengal, and at least 10,000,000 people have over the past century been sent to prison or labour camps in the United States;

Whereas 165,000,000 people starved to death in the wake of famine and devastation caused by the British Empire in South Asia;

Whereas the capitalist experiment in Latin America led to the killing fields in which over hundreds of thousands of people were gruesomely murdered, such as in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, and Haiti;

Whereas the United States murdered more than 3,000,000 people in Korea and more than 3,000,000 people in Vietnam by means of unprovoked war, wanton destruction of civilian infrastructure, and induced famines, attempting to create lands capitalist oppression only saved from such horrific fate by the uncommon heroism of millions of communists;

Whereas the United States murdered more than 1,000,000 people in Iraq and Afghanistan by means of terrorism, unprovoked war, wanton destruction of civilian infrastructure, and induced famines;

Whereas the United States and Canada regimes expropriated the land of Indigenous Peoples, stealing their possessions and their livelihoods, and forcing millions into reservations with nothing but the clothes on their backs, repeatedly committing acts of ethnic cleansing and genocide;

Whereas the implementation of capitalism in Venezuela turned once-prosperous communities into victims of a murderous colonizer State saved only recently by the forward-looking, deeply democratic Chavista freedom-fighters;

Whereas the author of the Declaration of Independence, President Thomas Jefferson, wrote “that the blacks, whether originally a distinct race, or made distinct by time and circumstances, are inferior to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind. It is not against experience to suppose, that different species of the same genus, or varieties of the same species, may possess different qualifications. Will not a lover of natural history then, one who views the gradations in all the races of animals with the eye of philosophy, excuse an effort to keep those in the department of man as distinct as nature has formed them? This unfortunate difference of color, and perhaps of faculty, is a powerful obstacle to the emancipation of these people”;

Whereas the “Father of the Constitution”, President James Madison, justified mass theft of Indigenous Communities’ property, the continued enslavement of Africans, and the capitalists’ arbitrary seizure of workers’ time and energies by claiming that it “is not a just government, nor is property secure under it, where the property which a man has in his personal safety and personal liberty, is violated by arbitrary seizures of one class of citizens for the service of the rest”; and

Whereas the United States of America was founded on the belief in capitalism, white supremacy, and sociopathic individualism, to which the democratic system of socialism in all of its forms is fundamentally and necessarily opposed: Now, therefore, be it resolved by the House of Real Representatives (the People’s Senate concurring)that Congress denounces capitalism in all its forms, and opposes the implementation of capitalist policies in the United States of America.

Passed the House of Real Representatives February 3, 2023

4 thoughts on “H.Con.Res.9 — by the Real 118th Congress

  1. Thanks for this. It will be fun to compare students’ reactions to the ‘resolutions’ for & against capitalism.

  2. Thanks very much even for considering this corrective exercise. May the class activity go in a most constructive direction.

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