Research and Writing Projects

These days, I mainly do research, write, and (try to) publish on the following themes:

  • dialectical materialism (of the Marxist sort)
  • socialism (especially ecosocialism)
  • soils (general aspects, acidification, contamination)
  • trace element contamination (heavy metals, metalloids), including from airborne sources
  • urban agriculture
  • critical physical geography

I also write editorials and other bits for the journal Capitalism Nature Socialism, for which I am now senior editor. Two books are forthcoming in 2023, if all goes well:

  • An Introduction to Ecosocialism. Palgrave
  • (With B. Bustos, D. Ojeda, G. García, and F. Milanez) The Routledge Handbook of Latin America and the Environment. New York: Routledge.

On the CV page, you can find some freely accessible manuscripts I have published, sometimes with others, and some of them lnked to sites where you can download the work. For other writings, contact me to get a digital copy.