Final Collaborative Project: Shakespeare 400










Throughout the semester we have been examining the legacy and future of Shakespeare’s works from a variety of points of view both historical and modern. There have been a number of institutions, scholars, publishers, and journalists who have also been inspired by the 400th “deathaversary” of Shakespeare in 2016, and for our final work together in this course I would like to assemble a webpage that collects links and information about these various resources.

Each member of the seminar will be responsible for identifying and annotating 2-3 items for this resource (details below). During our scheduled final exam time we will assemble these materials into a draft of a resource that will become a guide for anyone interested in studying how Shakespeare was memorialized this year.


Web Resources (5 members): 2-3 items for each team member

Festivals and Events (4 members): 2 items for each team member

Print sources (3 members): 2 items for each member (for this category you can include scholarly books, special journal issues, journal articles, and/or materials published in popular news outlets).


Each team will be responsible for coordinating the assembling of materials for their category. I recommend you use a Google Doc for this to make sure there is no overlap. Be thoughtful about what you select, and be sure to identify significant resources (don’t miss the Folger Shakespeare Library’s “Wonder of Will” web resource, for instance). As a group you should pen a collaborative statement of about 200 words that gives an overview of the resources you found in your research.

Each member of the team will be individually responsible for writing up synopses of their resources that should be no longer than 200 words or so (each). Make these informative and suggest who the audience might be for the resource.

On May 11th, each team will also give a concise presentation of their topic area and the resources you identified.


Save your links and annotations in a Google Doc or email them as an attachment to me before our class on May 11th. That night we will work together in groups to assemble the web resource into a working draft.


I will be assessing the overall quality of: 1) Your team’s selected resources and narrative overview; 2) Your individual selections and annotations; and 3) Your presentation to the class. This should be concise (no more than 10 minutes) and include a demonstration of materials you identified for your resource topic.

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