About RHSA

The Residence Hall Student Association is a student-run organization that exists to foster community among resident students at the State University of New York at New Paltz. RHSA is run by an eight member Executive Board which is responsible for all aspects of the organization. RHSA seeks to promote a healthy and enjoyable on-campus residence experience. It does this in two ways.

The first way is by forming a link between residents and the College’s administration. The Executive Board members, along with representatives from the Student Association meet monthly with the college President and his cabinet. This meeting serves to address concerns facing resident students and share suggestions and feedback from students. RHSA Executive Board brings back all information to the student body via Hall Governments.

Each Residence Hall has a local version of RHSA. It is called Hall Government. It is made up of residents from each respective hall and is responsible for maintaining communication between the hall and RHSA and the Student Association. The members are elected by residents in each hall. Each Hall has two RHSA Representatives who make up the Associate Council for RHSA. The AC, as it is called, meets with the Executive Board every week to discuss current matters and programs. Anyone can attend these meetings, but it is required that each hall has at least two representatives at each meeting. The members of the AC have voting rights and decide matters such as who will serve on the RHSA Executive Board, what organizations will be granted funding, etc. In short, the AC is a powerful unit that helps run RHSA.

The second way that RHSA builds community is through its programming. RHSA spends a lot of time, effort and funds on social and educational programs. The Buzz series features Karaoke, Open Mic Nights, Dance Parties, Hot Dates, etc. These run throughout the semester. RHSA holds an annual Ice Cream Social on the day before classes begin for the Fall semester. Other programs include Condom Casino, Halloween in the Halls, Spirit Weekend, barbeques, etc. For more information on upcoming events, visit the “Meetings and Events” page.

The Residence Hall Student Association is not always a solo programming body. Funds are allocated to co-sponsor with other organizations or individuals on campus. Some co-sponsorships have included Dr. Maya Angelou’s visit to campus in the Fall of 2003, Take Back the Night, Residence Life’s Program of the Month Awards, Greek organizations, and many others. RHSA is willing to co-sponsor any organizations putting on programs that will benefit the campus community. To find out more about funding or to seek funding, call us at (845)257-4499, stop by our office in B-16 Capen Hall during office hours, or email us. You can also get more information about funding in our “Resources” tab.

Another part of RHSA, and perhaps everyones favorite part, is all the free items we give out. Each year, RHSA makes t-shirts and other items, which are handed out at events!

So, the next time someone asks “What is RHSA?” you now know the answer. If you do not wish to explain, because you are on your way to class or something, direct them to this website, or have them call our office, or talk to one of the Executive Board members or Hall Government members.