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Plenary Address at Personal Construct Congress

Published on: Author: Jonathan Raskin
photo of Sydney, Australia

I will be giving a plenary address at the 20th International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology in Sydney, Australia. The title of the address is “Beyond Relativism and ‘Anything Goes’: A PCP-based Constructivist Model of Ethical Meaning-Making.” Summary: Critics say that constructivism embraces an “anything goes” ethics that permits any position. I disagree.  In my… Continue reading

Additional 2012 Presentations

Published on: Author: Jonathan Raskin

I have the following additional presentations coming up this summer: Raskin, J. D. (2012, July). What’s coming in DSM-5 and what does it mean for psychotherapists? Workshop to be given at the 7th Biennial International Meaning Conference, Toronto. Raskin, J. D. (2012, July). Constructing and deconstructing DSM-5: The Open Letter Committee story. Keynote to be given at the 15th Biennial… Continue reading

2012 Conference Presentations

Published on: Author: Jonathan Raskin

I have a number of conference presentations coming up in 2012. Here is what is scheduled so far: Elkins, D. N., Farley, F., Kammens, S. R., Raskin, J. D., Robbins, B.D., & Rockwell, D. (2012, March). A most dangerous manual. Panel to be presented at the 5th Annual Conference of the Society for Humanistic Psychology, Pittsburgh. Raskin, J. D.… Continue reading

My 2010 CPN Conference Presentations

Published on: Author: Jonathan Raskin

Constructing and Deconstructing Social Justice Counseling In J. S. Efran (Chair), Constructivist perspectives on social justice. Symposium at the 14th Biennial Conference of the Constructivist Psychology Network Constructivism: Can I Make a Career out of It? Roundtable at the 14th Biennial Conference of the Constructivist Psychology Network