Faculty Drop-In Sessions via Bb Collaborate

Read Through All Information On This Page Before Entering Session!

Instructions for Entering the Faculty Drop-In Session

  1. When prompted to enter your name at login, enter your 1) first and last name and 2) your campus username
    • Ex.  Jane Doe (doej)
  2. Check your camera and microphone when you enter the session:
    • Make sure to select “Allow” if prompted
    • Perform the sound test to make sure your mic is working
  3. Type your full name in the chat
    • Putting your name in the chat adds you to the virtual “queue”
    • The instructional designer will take questions in the order in which attendees’ names appear in the chat, so if you don’t add your name, you will not get called on!
  4. When your name is called, the instructional designer will give you permission to use your microphone and camera, or you can type your question in the chat.

After the Drop-In Session

After the drop-in session, a VERY quick questionnaire will be emailed to all attendees asking you to note the nature of your questions or concerns.  We know you have a lot on your plate, so the questionnaire will take less than five minutes to fill out, but it is critical that we collect this information in order to see if we are offering the proper level of support and so we can track the types of support questions that we receive to make sure our documentation and training materials are adequate.

What Are Drop-In Sessions?

Drop-in sessions are an opportunity to enter a live Bb Collaborate Ultra session and speak with an instructional designer about Blackboard, Bb Collaborate Ultra, remote teaching and learning, or instructional tools.  They are a place to:

  • Ask a focused question
  • Get a quick (5 minute) walk-through of a specific process
  • Get advice about a specific instructional goal

For example, you can ask “where do I find the setting to randomize my test questions?” NOT “how do I create tests in Blackboard?”

When Are Drop-In Sessions?

Check our OIT Events Page for all upcoming dates and times.

What If I Have More Than One Question or Concern?

The priority is to be respectful of the time of everyone in the room.  For example, if you have two quick questions that can be answered within five minutes, that is not a problem; but, if you have multiple questions that will take five minutes each, after your first question is answered, you can put your name in the chat again to get back in line (virtually-speaking!).

Also, if your question is complex or the answer will be very lengthy, you may be directed to put in a ticket instead, so an Instructional Designer can schedule an individual call-back to address your specific needs.

What If My Question Is Private or I Don’t Want to Discuss It In Front of Others?

Drop-in sessions are going to be open room only, so if you don’t want to discuss something openly, please submit a ticket, instead, and an Instructional Designer will reply and, potentially, schedule an individual call-back to address your specific needs.

Keep in mind, though, that there are no “dumb” questions – if you have a question, chances are others have it too!  As everyone waits in line, it will hopefully be a learning experience as others ask questions and you can hear the responses!

I’ve read through everything and I’m ready to enter the faculty drop-in session! (Link)