Welcome to the Mid-Hudson Cohort of the NYSMTP webpage

In  March 2020 in response to the sudden  shift to online teaching due to the COVID-19 Pandemic,  members of the NYSMTP Mid-Hudson cohort established a teacher helpline to support fellow educators facing the daunting challenge of engaging their students in learning remotely.  Answers were provided in the form of video tutorials.   Please see the link below for the archive of frequently asked questions to the Teacher Helpline.

Video Archive for FAQs can be found here


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The New York State Master Teacher Program sustains the work of experienced math and science teachers in grades K-12 who have completed at least four years of full-time teaching. Master Teachers actively participate in regional communities of outstanding STEM educators dedicated to ongoing professional growth and best practices.

This is the website for the Mid-Hudson region cohort of the Master Teacher Program, based out of SUNY New Paltz. Find out more about the New York State Master Teacher Program here:

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