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Daniel Lipson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations
lipsond@newpaltz.edu | (845) 257-3543
810 Jacobson Faculty Tower (JFT)

Education: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Political Science

Research Interests: Affirmative Action; Racial & Ethnic Politics; Civil Rights; Higher Education Law & Policy; Socio-Legal Studies; Law & Politics; Environmental Politics; Energy Politics; Peak Oil; Resource Depletion; Ecological Limits to Growth.

Recent Courses: Law, Politics, & Society; Sex Discrimination & the Law; Civil Liberties & Civil Rights; American Government & Politics; Racial & Ethnic Politics in the U.S.; American Environmental Politics; The American Judiciary; Seminar in American Government.; Seminar in Law.

Bio: Daniel Lipson’s teaching and research interests integrate American politics with socio-legal studies. For the past 15 years, his research has analyzed the paradoxical evolution and resilience of racial justice policies in post-civil rights America, focusing particularly on universities’ efforts to defend and reform affirmative action admissions policies in the face of anti-affirmative action litigation and ballot measures. His research has been published in Perspectives on PoliticsPolitical Research Quarterly, and Law & Social Inquiry. More recently he has extended his research into a new area — the politics of resource depletion and ecological limits to growth — while continuing his research on affirmative action. His first publication in this new area came out in December 2011 in New Political Science, and he and his co-author Kyle Saunders were granted a book contract in 2011 with Springer. The working title is currently The Politics of Energy Policy in an Age of Resource Depletion: Organized Interests, Partisan Polarization, and Shortsighted Policymaking.

Recent Publications:

2008. “Where’s the Justice? Affirmative Action’s Severed Civil Rights Roots in the Age of Diversity.” December. Perspectives on Politics 6 (4): 691-706.